New Year – New Learning Opportunities!


With the new year comes the excitement of new opportunities to make improvements in reaching goals and milestones.  If you are exploring options to enhance your current efforts to assess and address needs related to the social drivers of health – the SDOH Team at NACHC has you covered!  

First, the PRAPARE® Tiger Team will be launching again on January 23, 2023. This year, we will be taking a deeper dive into essential aspects of using PRAPARE® to understand the social needs of patients. We will also be inviting guest speakers from EHR systems to learn about functionality features and gather feedback from the field. We hope you can join us during the PRAPARE® Tiger Team Kick-off session as we will review planned topics and hear from you all.  

Second, the SDOH Team at NACHC will be leading a new learning opportunity in March, Learning Collaborative to Understand the Use of PRAPARE® and Other Standardized SDOH Screening Tools with Pediatric and Adolescent Patients. The goal is to capture and catalogue promising practices and lessons learned for health centers looking to adapt PRAPARE® and/or other SDOH screening tools specifically for pediatric and adolescent patients. The 3-month learning collaborative (March-May) will include a combination of topics: PRAPARE® screening modifications, workflows, staffing models, and addressing SDOH needs of pediatric and adolescent patients. The application process will close on February 3, 2023 

Third, we have two different surveys to understand your current realities and challenges, which will be used to inform future efforts.  

Lastly, Collecting Standardized Data on Social Determinants of Health to Address Structural Racism, Drive Health Equity, and Respond to COVID-19 is a collection of “Power Packs”, brief info sheets on topics and resources related to SDOH screening and understanding the unique needs of structurally marginalized populations.  

The NACHC SDOH team will also be modifying our blogging schedule from monthly to a quarterly basis. We’re looking forward to engaging with you this year and learning more about how you and your teams are using PRAPARE® to respond to patient-level needs related to SDOH. As always, feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions or want to share your story with us: